Valentine’s Day

That special day for couples around the world is soon upon us and men everywhere are scrambling to make sure they get it right this year. Valentine’s Day. That special one day of the year completely dedicated to couples where there is an expectation to treat your significant other like a Queen (or King). When you stop and think about it, there really seems to be no other holiday quite as important or special for romantic relationships.

Throughout history, couples have developed and nurtured their relationships with each other and it is human nature to want to connect and create a bond with that special someone. Our very existence depends on men and women getting along and building close attachments with each other. The underlying and instinctual basis for these relationships is love. And as one famous lyric articulates, ‘all you need is love’. Where many holidays throughout the year are centered on love, there is one in particular that loving couples around the world hold dear to their hearts. Whether it is a lover sending chocolate and flowers to their soul mate or a couple sharing a meal together, it is a relatively simple annual holiday that highlights the love which connects people. Love seems to eliminate the distinction between giving and receiving. Since couples are so entangled in each others lives, this is a day where it feels better to give than to receive. Watching the person you love smile and be happy is surely one of the greatest gifts any person can receive, giving adage to the old saying, ‘The more I give to thee, the more I have.’ Parents, newlyweds, young couples, and new flames will be found everywhere on February 14 expressing their feelings and setting aside any difficulties to ensure this day remains a special time of year. And as it happens to fall on Tuesday this year, surely many will be happy to temporarily replace their obligations at work with the obligations to the happiness of their loved one. Romantic settings play particular importance for this holiday and there is arguably no better place to celebrate it than in Vietnam, and in particular Nha Trang.

With a friendly and vibrant atmosphere set on the backdrop of a breathtaking world-renowned bay, Nha Trang offers locals and tourists alike the opportunity to provide their loved ones with a Valentine’s Day they surely won’t forget. With a wide variety of international hotels, spas, restaurants, and bars each offering their own unique way to make the day special, Nha Trang provides ample opportunities for loved ones to ensure this year’s Valentine’s Day is memorable. With a rich variety of both local and international cuisines to select from, there is a little something for everyone to enjoy.


Those couples seeking adventure can partake in Valentine themed island tours, visit the romantic waterfalls of Ba Ho, or scuba dive/snorkel amongst a variety of beautiful and unique sea life. To cap off a memorable day together, couples can reset for the busy night ahead by cuddling against the backdrop of the famous Nha Trang sunset over a glass of wine. For those looking for more of a traditional and simple getaway certainly won’t have to look far. Along the beach, typically during the day, a haven for families soaking up the sun and beautiful ocean water transforms at night into something of a ‘lovers lane’. Those couples seeking a perfect romantic setting can be found here embracing each other and relaxing in the cool sea breeze and soothing sound of waves. Love is in the air here in Nha Trang so grab your loved one and come experience it for yourself!