Tuna deep sea delicacies

    Tuna are massive specimen. This is likely hard, at first, for those oblivious to our underwater neighbours to fathom since the majority of our experiences with tuna come from a can where it has already gone through a lengthy and refined production process from the sea to the plate that is quite fascinating.

    Along the coastline of Vietnam stretching from Hoang Sa to Truong Sa, tuna populations are plentiful and as a result the tuna fishery industry of the region has been steadily expanding for quite some time for the benefit of us as consumers to continue to enjoy the nutrients and nourishment they provide. The majority of the tuna found in the waters along coastal Vietnam are among the larger species called Yellowfin Tuna and their closely related Bigeye Tuna which on average can weigh up to 40 kilograms.

    Amongst the most prominent companies in the region dealing in tuna production is the Mai Tin Co. Under the company’s instructions, the process of capturing the treasured tuna by fishermen has been honed down to a science to ensure the freshest and tastiest products. In order to guarantee freshness they are immediately kept cool as they journey back to shore. It is during this cold storage process that the fish form the unique and popular flavour of Vietnamese tuna.


    Upon arriving to shore and being transported to the manufacturing plant, the raw tuna is cut into slices or ‘saku’ which is then kept frozen to maintain the inherently unique flavour. Before being sent to the various restaurants around town the product is preserved in the super-freeze warehouse at -450C. This process ensures that all tuna are certified for food safety standards as set by the HACCP. Notorious for their attention to detail in ensuring quality, the Mai Tin factory is under constant quality inspection and prides itself on its pristinely hygienic and state-of-the-art production facility. All of these intricate steps are integral to creating the delicious tuna we as consumers across Vietnam love and cherish.

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