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The best of both worlds, Ever Blue Travel (EBT)- Nha Trang Excursions is offering an exclusive and exciting ‘Essential Escape’ into the heartland of Vietnam to the gorgeous highland city Dalat. Clients travel in style as a private car complete with an experienced and charismatic tour guide are at your disposal throughout the journey offering patrons a remarkable blend of adventure and relaxation. Located 130 kms southwest of Nha Trang, Dalat is a popular destination for anyone seeking crisp air and breathtaking mountainous vistas. In stark contrast to the tropical beachside setting of Nha Trang, the temperate climate of Dalat is rather unique in comparison to much of the rest of Vietnam. Known for its natural beauty, the sprawling landscapes are filled with picturesque blossoming gardens and incredible views of the surrounding area. These qualities help to make Dalat one of the premier romantic destinations in the country. A city of historical significance, primarily used as a vacation getaway by French colonists as well as Vietnam’s former royal family in the past, the architecture and street lay out of the urban center is a unique blend of European and Oriental design which provides an experience unlike any other. Visitors seeking natural or cultural enlightenment won’t be disappointed as the ‘Essential Escape’ tour covers all bases. With all entrance fees covered, clients are invited to enjoy all the landmarks of Dalat. Lakes, waterfalls, temples, villas and world-class gardens just to name a few options are all yours to discover with the help of Ever Blue Travel’s exceptional team.



A short drive 40 kms inland to the west of Nha Trang lies the awe-inspiring Yang Bay Eco-Park, home to the Raglay people, an ethnic minority of the area. The mountainous region is carved by numerous beautiful cascading streams and magnificent waterfalls harkening back to a simpler time of eternal peace and natural splendor. With EBT, customers travel in style with a private car and a knowledgeable tour guide picking them up at their hotel to provide the utmost comfort and relaxation as they drive through the bustling streets of Nha Trang and into the serene winding countryside road leading into the park, passing smiling faces and peaceful pastures. Once in the park, visitors will be delighted with a bevy of activities to explore and experience. Soak up the sun and familiarize yourself with the unique and fascinating culture of the region with live musical shows complete with traditional instruments and dance. Cool off in the nearby stream beneath the cascading and prominent waterfalls. Practice archery at a shooting range that surely won’t disappoint. Enjoy the numerous animal exhibitions that let you ride ostriches, feed bears, race pigs, and watch traditional chicken fights, finishing off with a memorable photo opportunity at the glorious bird sanctuary. Complete the remarkable day with a visit to the crocodile farm and the nearby sacred tree Cay Moc Than where it is common for visitors to pray and experience spiritual enlightenment. Regardless of cultural or ethnic background, Yang Bay provides a memorable glimpse into a natural and cultural world rarely seen with people who are wholly unique. Experience the remarkable landmarks yourself thanks to the expertise of EBT.

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