Texas Restaurants

Located smack in the heart of the tourist area, you will discover this slice of the US of A, the highly regarded TEXAS BarBQ & Steakhouse restaurant. Oliver, the owner, and his friendly crew continue the tradition of the very best authentic U.S. Southern barbecue which TEXAS BarBQ & Steakhouse is renowned for, and has been delivering since 2008. At TEXAS BarBQ & Steakhouse the finest beef, pork, and chicken, all imported from the U.S, are on the extensive menu.

The freshest ingredients, a range of salads, multiple side dishes, all complementing their famous ribs which are smoked for 5 hours daily, along with burgers that are chargrilled the way they should be. Not to be forgotten, is the exquisite Memphis sweet sauce that has brought visitors back again and again. If the cowboy in you wants a treat, this is one not to be missed. Wash it all down with a chilled brew or a glass of red or white wine. If you happen to be around on a Tuesday night, pop in for Quiz night where you will be in good company with the local expats, Thursday night’s meal deal for 99,000 Vnd, or Sunday for the roast. Come visit Oliver and the crew, stay awhile, soak up the atmosphere of this intimate restaurant and enjoy one of their signature dishes. Deserts! well you are in for a treat. Oliver, originally from Florence in Italy, the heartland of Gelato, has been serving up real Italian homemade Gelato in 3 locations around Nha Trang since 2012. Gelato is known as the Italian ice cream, but what you may not know, is that there are many differences between the two. One of the main differences is that Gelato generally contains less fat than ice cream, as Gelato uses whole milk while ice cream is made with cream. It is also churned more slowly so that it has a creamier and richer texture. This means you can have more gelato, and isn’t that reason enough to choose between the two? With over 50 delicious flavors including Baileys, Tiramisu, cheese cake plus many fruit and coffee varieties, it is an indulgence not to be missed, and for Gelato addicts, a heavenly experience. Look for the KEM Y logo in the Italian flag colors of green, red and white as you wander the tourist strip and pop in for a scoop or two of your favorite delight.