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Costa Seafood

Binged out on street food, eaten out at the top five Trip Advisor recommendations, now it’s time to indulge in some fine dining at the widely acclaimed Costa Seafood Restaurant. This is a stylish, contemporary designed restaurant located on Tran Phu Boulevard, adjacent to the InterContinental Nha Trang hotel, with views across the turquoise bay to the lush green islands beyond. Dining in air conditioned comfort, Costa Seafood is resplendent with pristine white napery, friendly staff, an extensive menu, fine wines, heavenly cocktails, and a range of international and local beers. The bill of fare features Nha Trang’s famous seafood as fresh as can be, selecting your fish and crustaceans from the wall of live tanks featured in the restaurant. Known throughout Vietnam for their red grouper, blue swimmer crab and their “piece de resistance” Nha Trang bay lobsters, steamed, baked or prepared by the internationally renowned Hong Kong chef, as you desire and straight from the tank. There’s Australian abalone, sea cucumbers, shark fin soup, birds nest soup, tiger prawns, oysters, seafood hotpots, and scallops, a virtual ocean extravaganza. Costa Seafood offers the finest of seafood cuisines available in Nha Trang, and in a refined and relaxing ambience with 5 star service to make it truly one of Nha Trang’s great dining experiences.

32-34 Tran Phu Street

Tel: 058 3737 777

Open Daily: 06:30 -14:00

17:00 – 22:00



Fusion Resort embodies all the elements to grant you this wish. Imagine a deserted island, massive palm trees awash in cooling breezes, a white pristine sandy beach curving away into the distance, a sanctuary of luxury to relax in, exceptional cuisine, delicious cocktails, freshly squeezed juices, pampering massages by fair maidens in the Spa, such will be your heavenly experience at Fusion. My stay in the ocean view villa with private pool, was simply superb. The Spa was my first port of call for one of their signature treatments utilizing their own locally grown herbs and essences. Feeling a touch ravenous after this sensuous healing, I wandered down to the spacious and delightful restaurant, with the friendliest staff, and stunning views across the infinity pool, of the sparkling turquoise ocean, ringed with a string of emerald green Islands. Healthy choice modern cuisine was on my menu and the shrimp salad was scrumptious, enjoyed with fresh tomato juice, reluctantly, the sensational selection of cocktails will have to wait until this evening. Meandering through the tropical grounds soon found me back at my villa for an afternoon nap gazing out at the shimmering ocean, my slice of paradise, is only one of the restful options, with combinations of spa suites, chic two bedroom villas, and the absolutely sensational grand villa on the beach with your own chef if you so desire.

Nguyen Tat Thanh,

Bai Dong, Cam Hai Dong Ward, Cam Lâm District, Cam Ranh

Tel: 058 3989 770



In Nha Trang you are certainly never going be left ‘wanting’ for a cold one, but nothing compares to the brews you will discover at Louisiane Brewhouse, located amongst the palms, and spilling on to the sand, a hundred meters or so down from the Sailing Club. This place was the first in Nha Trang to serve up a pale ale some ten years ago, and with several hand crafted beers on the go, depending on the season, is a must visit for the brewski devotee. On the menu at the moment are pilsener, dark lager, red ale and pale ale. Front and center as you enter Louisiane is the gleaming copper masterpiece that creates these little gems. Mixing malt from Australia, hops from New Zealand, yeast from the US, and highly filtered local water creates unique tasting beers. Each batch produced through the copper brewing centerpiece is 500 liters and takes about 5 hours to process. This is then pumped to stainless steel tanks, the yeast is added and voila! Fermenting for around 14 days before moving on to the holding vats for a minimum of 10 days before taste testing the tipple. Served up in heavy glass mugs, dripping with condensation or in an unusual container, looking a touch like the Apollo landing module. This one-of-a-kind unit, imported from Spain has four spigots, so a cool one is always in reach.

Lot 29, Tran Phu Park,

Nha Trang, City Vietnam

Tel: 058 3524 644



Nha Trang is known for its mud baths, and Thap Ba Spa was the first to deliver this therapeutic treatment more than 10 years ago. Today, this world class spa offers endless health treatments, indulgences, and all-around good fun to thousands of visitors from around the globe. The latest pampering pleasure to be opened is the Nui Spa. Away from the main baths, nestled in the lap of a lush green hillside, a shimmering crystal clear pool, bubbling fountains, and cascading gardens, you will discover your own private oasis. Dotted amongst the greenery are a number of pavilions where you can totally relax on lounge beds, soak up the therapeutic benefits of the mud, the healing powers of the mineral waters with herbal essences, and all in the seclusion of your own personal tub. These secluded retreats, allow your family or friends some time together to enjoy this unique experience. A few steps away will take you into the aqua clear waters of the stunning curved pool to indulge in a lazy few strokes, or chill out under thatched umbrellas, sipping something soothing. Also new to Thap Ba Spa is the private zone, designed for couples who don’t want to share their tub of mud with others. This area includes that special treatment of soaking in mineral waters with herbal essences for that total feeling of well-being.

15 Ngoc Son, Ngoc Hiep

Tel: 058 3834939

Open Daily: 07:00 -19:30