Nha Trang Travel

Nha Trang enjoys a sultry climate, and is most fortunate to miss the cyclones that visit other parts of the country. The hot dry season runs from January through to September where temperatures range from 22C to 34C, with the cooler rainy season between October to December where we see temperatures ranging from 17C to 30C. During the rainy season the ocean can become quite wild, so it is best to keep an eye on the kids when you are down the beach, and swim where the lifeguards are. They wear the distinctive red and yellow uniforms, and perch up in the bamboo towers along the beachfront.

Things to do
Nha Trang is ready and waiting to give you a wonderful holiday, with many activities to keep you busy. Relaxing at the beach, scuba diving or snorkeling at one of the many dive spots, guided tours, cultural sites, Spas, cooking classes, snake shows, or golfing at one of the world class 18 hole courses.

The Vietnamese currency is the Dong, but don’t be concerned if you haven’t any on hand as all the major currencies are easily exchanged at banks, the airport and around town. At the time of printing the USD$1 = VND 22,300.

You will be spoilt for choice, with sports bars to catch up on the football, live bands, clubs, international DJ’s , and cultural shows available every night of the week. There are also western style cinemas, a bowling alley and games arcades for the kids. Accommodation Nha Trang delivers every style of accommodation for the international tourist and the backpacker alike. These range from hostel accommodation through to 5 star resorts.

Population and Location
Nha Trang is located in Khanh Hoa Province, 447 kms northeast of Ho Chi Minh City and 1287kms south of Hanoi. Population is about 400,000.

Bars and Restaurants
Tourist central is the nerve centre for a wide variety of bars and eateries, from street food through to international cuisine. Vietnamese food is certainly internationally recognized as the freshest and the best, and you will be amazed as you wander the streets. Pick up the latest Nha Trang Guide Map from any tourist outlet and you will find not only the restaurant or bar location of your choice, but how to make your way back to the hotel.

Unlike some countries, tipping is not expected but appreciated. A rule of thumb is to tip what you feel is appropriate at the time.

Cam Ranh Airport receives flights direct from several International centers and has regular domestic flights to many cities within Vietnam. There is a comfortable and efficient train service running between HCMC and Hanoi calling at many towns on the line, including Nha Trang. Buses are cheap and easy to arrange and all these options can be booked at your hotel or through one of the many travel agents in town.

Be Safe
Crime is not a problem in Vietnam, but like the world over, in tourist areas there will always be petty theft. Keep your smart phone in your pocket, your passport at the hotel, and wear little jewellery. If you intend to rent a motorbike, be aware that overseas licenses are not valid in Vietnam and your travel insurance won’t cover you. Best to drink bottled water as well, and slap on some insect repellent.

Street Vendors
As you walk the streets of Nha Trang, you are going to be approached by vendors selling all manner of goods. Cigarettes, chewing gum, sunglasses, jewellery, bags and wallets are all on offer. They are not nearly as ‘pushy’ as in other Asian cities, so remember, they have families to feed and please be polite in refusal if you are not ‘in the market’.