Nha Trang Snake Show

The Snake Show

Nha Trang Snake Show is the biggest snake show in Asia. The performance will take your breath away once you see our skillful snake charmes having famous cobra kiss. Other risky tricks will get you into the atmosphere of a high adrenaline level. Our professional guides will make certain that you discover the amazing secrets of snakes while having a tour around serpentarium.


Traditional Medicine

The traditional medicine centre is the palace where all the accomplishments of the ancient Asian wisdom are presented for you. Medicines on the basis of venom, fat and inner snake tissues, along with natural cosmetics will help you get rid of chronic diseases and give you longevity, health and beauty.


Leather Shop

Our exotic leather goods shop will provide the numerious items. Bags, purses, clutches, belts, shoes, and other accessories both for women and men made of 5 different snake species skin along with lizard, crocodile, buffalo and ray skin. Get yourself unique manufactures thanks to which your clothes will always be bright and original. We have the best quality and reasonable prices.