Merman Tiun Club

    Embarking on the high seas is a luxury passed down through the ages. Whether swimming, sailing, surfing, diving, or now ‘merman’ing, there is no shortage of fun to be had for those enjoying a beautiful coastal city like Nha Trang. Praised as the number one diving spot in Vietnam, the waters surrounding Nha Trang are crystal clear and home to a diverse and vibrant array of sea life and coral. There are numerous companies throughout the city offering adventures into the depths. One esteemed company, ‘PDIC South East Asia & Scuba Dive Vietnam’ managed by resident Canadian Richard Beaulac has partnered up with an environmentalist group which has brought new life into exploring the seas. This relatively new and growing community of preservationists are known as the Merman Tiun Club.

    There have been many legends told about what mysteries lay beneath the beautiful turquoise surface of the oceans of the world. For centuries, these legends remained predominantly unchecked and mostly lay in the imagination of children and those most curious. Many cultures around the world have passed down folklore through the ages of different creatures they suspected roamed the surrounding waters. The Kraken of Norway and Greenland, the Loc Ness Monster of Scotland and perhaps the most internationally recognized of all, the Mermaid of Greek mythology have been fascinating children and adults to this day. Thanks to the ingenuity of Nha Trang native Merman Tiun, his passion for conserving nature and animal-life has helped bring the mermaid to life to spread an educational and important message to the youth of Vietnam. By becoming one with nature through his unique and entertaining methods.

    Having worked in USA for some time with the celebrated YMCA ‘Project Cornerstone’ focused on providing youth with the support and respect necessary for optimum development, Merman Tiun discovered his calling in life and created a program for the youth of Nha Trang and its visitors. Not offering your typical swimming and diving lessons, the Merman Club provides members with a wide range of unique skills and experiences. Working alongside Merman Tiun is expert partner Merman Loc, a man with well over three decades of diving experience and all areas of the ocean life of Vietnam. Offering 5 levels of certification programs, members can go from beginners learning how to swim to certified mermaids and divers in an amazingly short amount of time. Training begins in a pool where members can get accustomed to the fins and acclimated to this unique form of swimming, this process however doesn’t take long as the fins are very easy to use. Once the team is comfortable and confident in their skills they embark onto the open water to truly experience the life of a mermaid.

    Using locally produced fins and outfits modeled after the elusive Mermaid, the Merman Club members enjoy an alternative way to explore underwater life which is fun for the whole family. Raising awareness to the youth of Vietnam and abroad on how to properly treat the wonders of nature, the programs offered by the club provides its members a truly exciting way to discover and appreciate the blue world and life in general. One year since its creation and with over 100 members, the Merman Tiun Club is an important and exciting contributor to Nha Trang’s thriving community. Join the adventure and discover the potentials of this fascinating world for yourself with the enthusiastic and life-loving Merman Tiun Club.