Lifestyle “Should i pack up and move to Nha Trang”

Expat life in Nha Trang (or expat life in general) isn’t for everybody, but Nha Trang is a great place to give it a shot. These days it’s an amazingly well-rounded place that offers you all you need to feel comfortable, while being different enough to remind you that you’re away from home. While some longer term expats will continue to complain about how much Nha Trang has changed, these changes have all contributed to making Nha Trang a better place for long term living.

The one thing that will quickly become apparent, is just how many options you have in terms of lifestyle in Nha Trang. You can live any type of lifestyle you want to live here. There’s diving, sailing, the beach, yoga, fitness and all types of organized sports. You can spend a few months in Nha Trang working on your book if you’re a writer or album if you’re a musician. You could drop off the map for a few weeks and go on a meditation retreat.

You could get into the great party scene in Nha Trang and have a wild night every night of the week. Most people will choose to do some sort of combination of many of the examples above. There’s also so many people in Nha Trang doing cool and interesting things, you’ll never have the same conversation twice. There’s artists, business owners, retirees, English teachers and managers of 5 star hotels hanging out in Nha Trang – often all at the same place. There’s an astounding level of variety of things to do and people to meet in Nha Trang. It’s incredibly hard to get bored here. Many online entrepreneurs who make their living online and depend on good internet are now living full time in Nha Trang. Your best bet for internet, would be to find a place to live for more than just a few months, and install a stable solution. Most house and apartment owners will have no problem with you installing your own internet connection, and many will be glad to have it there after you leave. You may also discover that many apartments, such as The Costa Nha Trang Residences come with existing internet connections that are quick and stable and included in the cost of the rent. Life in most areas of Nha Trang feels nothing like living in a developing country. In many people’s opinion, Nha Trang provides the perfect balance of modernisation. All the conveniences of a big city, without the hassles of a big city. Modern living, right by the beach. Few other places in Southeast Asia offer this level of completeness, while still being close to the ocean.

For a small city, Nha Trang sure has a ton of variety to offer the aspiring expat. The decision of where to live is probably one of the most important decisions you’ll make, and something you’ll want to consider carefully. Be careful not to take anyone else’s recommendations too seriously – many Nha Trang expats are very passionate about the area they’ve chosen, and for their own personal reasons. Whether you choose to be out to the west of the city, with close proximity to rice fields and nature, to the north around stunning Doc Let beach, or down town in the bustling tourist area, with coffee shops on every corner and a busy nightlife, there is a place for you. With the recent changes to the laws regarding foreigners being able to purchase a house in Vietnam opening up more options, you may choose a contemporary apartment in Tran Phu street overlooking sensational Nha Trang bay, a terrace style house in one of the trendy areas around Hong Bang street, or a plantation house in the countryside and open a bed and breakfast. So many choices. Traffic around town is busy, there’s no getting around it. That’s what happens when foreigners and Vietnamese start moving here in ever increasing numbers. Riding a motor bike can be a harrowing experience, but most people get the hang of it quickly and it’s by far the best way to get around. The automatic bike couldn’t be easier to ride and is quick and nimble. A motor bike costs around $50.00 a month to rent or you can buy your own and sell it when you leave. If you aren’t ready to brave the roads, there are plenty of taxis available or you can rent a car and driver for the month to take you wherever you need to go whenever you need to go. While not everyone will feel comfortable driving themselves, getting around in Nha Trang need not be an issue.

Nha Trang’s tropical climate, with over 300 days of sunshine a year, is as close to perfect that you will find in Vietnam. The wet season, unlike that of Saigon where it lasts 6 months, is quite short and centered around November and December. So all things considered, Nha Trang is one very easy city to spend some time in.

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