Letter from the Editor

With summer officially coming to an end, a new season falls upon us and subtle changes can be seen throughout the city. As a Canadian, the shift in weather in Nha Trang at this time of year is certainly more understated than the changes felt back home, and for that I am forever grateful to this place. While somewhat different, the move from summer to ‘rainy season’ in Nha Trang is minimal and the climate is stable and temperate year-round thanks to the cool breeze from the ocean. Perhaps the biggest change found is the calming of the city center as the domestic tourist rush of the summer season comes to an end and the city experiences a slight drop in visitors. This opens the city up to new possibilities and adventures. With streets less congested, friendly smiles and relaxed attitudes greet you at every turn. The wonderful attractions of the city are more accessible at this time of year and families and couples will certainly find the more peaceful tone in Nha Trang thoroughly relaxing and the vacation they were after all along.

Of course, as the #1 tourist destination in Vietnam, there are always activities to partake in and to enjoy no matter what time of year and there is certainly no better place to celebrate festivities with friends and family. The months of October to December in Nha Trang are chock-full with holidays and celebrations such as the traditional Vietnamese children’s favourite Mid-Autumn Festival, and the more internationally recognized Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. In this issue we discuss some of these upcoming events and some of the ways you can celebrate them in style!