Jeep it up!

There is nothing like a touch of rural Vietnam. Surging through rivers, bouncing around along rutted dirt tracks, and snaking through the jungles of the nearby countryside in the rag top jeeps of Jeep it up! These classic US ex-military machines are back to basics and are pure fun. Cruise through minority villages, pause awhile and watch the kids leaping off bridges into crystal clear mountain streams. Life as it was many years ago has not changed here. Venture further through banana plantations, and back onto the black top before arriving at Three Lakes Waterfall. The lower reaches are gentle, but as we trek through the wilderness, the sound of rushing water over a boulder strewn river keeps us company, emerging at the first of three waterfalls after around 1km. The going gets a touch more challenging from here, but the upper falls are spectacular and well worth the effort. This is a great day out!

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