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The term “mud bath” seems paradoxical. How do you bathe in something that makes you dirty? And more importantly, why would you? The short answer is that spending some time in mud up to your neck can be good for your skin. And of course, floating in a mud bath can be relaxing. It’s getting back to the basics a little bit. It’s very nurturing, very centering.

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Mud is one of five elements of nature having immense impact on the body in health as well as in sickness. Historical records suggest that mudpacks and mud baths have been used therapeutically for hundreds of years. The mud used for therapy is able to transfer heat, relaxing muscle tension, reducing pain, and easing stiffness in joints. Due to its high mineral content, mud has a drawing effect that is detoxifying and healing.

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Native Americans have used mud to treat irritated skin, and Cleopatra reputedly took trips to the Dead Sea and coated herself with its mud as part of her beauty regimen. Both Napoleon and Beethoven were fond of visiting the Czech spa resorts of Karlovy Vary, which have been espousing the benefits of the region’s hot springs and mud since the 1300s.

Some people bathe in mud for cosmetic reasons, too. The minerals in mud can indeed “rejuvenate and stimulate” skin cells, causing them to “plump up” for a more glowing appearance. Mud is also a great moisturizer, one that naturally causes skin to feel tighter and healthier.

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So emulate the famous people of old, they must have known a thing or two, and come visit I-Resort, located on the banks of the Cai River, just a short trip from town to soak it all up. This is a luxurious resort that you can kick back in for a couple of hours or make a day of it. After your Tub of Mud, rinse yourself off, jump under the waterfall, or head to the hot springs. The health benefits of mineral-rich hot springs have been well documented over the years. From early indigenous people to current day health enthusiasts, mineral waters around the world are famous for their healing attributes. While stress is relieved by the natural heat, the minerals absorbed through the skin rejuvenate the body. There are three huge pools to choose from to indulge in these health benefits, take your time, and stretch out in between dips under the thatched roof huts on one of the many loungers. Grab a coffee, some lunch or a snack from the restaurant, or if you are feeling totally indulgent, book yourself in for one of a variety of massages, from a coffee and body healing with cosmetic mud, a 60′ body rub, nail care treatment, to a 30′ foot massage. If you want to make a day of it, and bring a group of friends, you can rent a private bungalow with your own Tub of Mud, hot mineral springs, and masseuse on hand to ease away the tensions while you unwind, and enjoy complimentary juices, snacks and even a bottle of wine . To kick start the Lunar New Year, I-Resort has unleashed a fun filled water park with thrilling water slides, waterfalls, and watersports all overlooking a serene stretch of the Cai River. The high speed twisting and snaking water slides will have you and your friends racing back up for more.


There’s a sandy play area for the younger ones, complete with jungle gyms and other machines to climb on, a beautiful pool perched on the edge of the river, under cover hot mineral baths, and a chilled pool to cool off in. Hit the river and there’s adventure waiting. Have a crack at Flyboarding. I guarantee you have never seen anything like it on the water. If you’ve done the rest, this latest high adrenaline sport to attack Vietnam certainly hits the spot, as you experience flying in and out of the water hovering, plunging, weaving, and somersaulting, this is one big time buzz. Jet skis, to power along the river and kayaks for the more sedate among us. All in all, there’s something for everyone at I-Resort as you relax or seek adventure