Getting Around

Nha Trang is a small city and easy to explore by bicycle. Head along Tran Phu street north to the bridge and beyond, it is all an easy peddle. Explore the areas around the river where you will find many locals out and about enjoying street food and some very good seafood restaurants. Follow the river to the west and you will find the interesting streets at the base of the Po Nagar Towers. This is a fascinating stretch to meander around and have a café or some noodles. Head back along the road, passing the towers on your right, and you will discover the other side of Nha Trang, before you wind your way back into town again. All safe, well as safe as can be on the roads. Still feeling fit? peddle south towards the port, again a flat ride, and shoot off in any direction to mix with the locals and take in some cycle sights (see inserted map).

Nha Trang is a well-planned city and has a very efficient network of buses. Distinctive in their blue and white livery, they are patronized by locals and tourists alike. Want to be adventurous? Just jump on one and see where it ends up. Have a wander around and come back. Or going somewhere specific? you will need to make a plan. Doc Let beach for example, some 45km away can be reached by using the local network. The buses are comfortable, air conditioned and a one way ticket is 7000VND. Services start early and finish at 7pm, so don’t get caught out on your return journey. The accompanying route map shows you all you need to know.

Taxis in Nha Trang, as in the rest of Vietnam, are plentiful, reliable and cheap. You will find them cruising the streets, so simply wave and they will be there to deliver you to your next destination. All the below taxis have meters, the drivers are well dressed with their name prominent on the dashboard. For trips to and from the airport, negotiate a price in advance as it will be much cheaper than going by the meter. Quoc Te Taxi: 058 3525252 Vinasun Taxi: 058 38272727 Mai Linh Taxi: 058 38383838

One of the easiest, and least expensive ways to get around Nha Trang is with an XE OM or motor bike taxi. You will find these fellows on most corners around town. Bear in mind that they are independent and not part of a taxi company so be sure to negotiate the price of the fare in advance and have the correct money, as they never seem to have change. On those hot days it’s wonderful just to hop on for the ride back to the hotel. As for metered Xe Om, call: 058 6252526

BY MOTORBIKE (on your own)
For the adventurous soul a motorbike is the only way to explore. There are many locations to hire a bike, but be aware that you are required to have a Vietnamese driving license, (not that the rental company will stop you from renting one). International licenses are not valid here, and if you are unlicensed then there is a good chance that your travel insurance won’t cover you. If you do rent a bike, ensure there is a helmet provided with it, as they are not only compulsory but lifesaving. Bear in mind that the roads are chaotic, pot holed and scary at the best of times, so ride carefully, wear long pants, shoes (not thongs) a long sleeve jacket and travel slowly, point it in any direction and explore. Ten to fifteen minutes from town you will be in the mountains and experiencing a whole different slice of the city.

Nothing is more traditional or iconic than the CYCLO, and you can see them everywhere around the city. If you have never experienced this form of transport, hop in and enjoy the sights from street level, a very different experience to one from a taxi. Cyclos are the perfect choice for a relaxing cruise around town or even out to a couple of the cultural sites, such as Po Nagar Towers or Chong Promontory Rocks. Remember to negotiate the price first.