Dusk ‘Til Dawn Highlights

LA MANCHA (17 Biet Thu St)
Think Salsa, Rumba and Cha Cha Cha, and you begin to create an image of what lays awaiting you at this venue. Scantily clad women, and handsome men set fire to the dance floor, delighting diners and inviting them up to learn a few moves, and who can resist that steamy action on the dance floor. This place is one of a kind in Nha Trang, and not to be missed. If dancing is not your thing then the great tunes played every night of the week by one of the many bands will have you kicking back in the classy bar area, and enjoying one of La Mancha’s chilled home brews, or a glass or two from their massive range of international red and white wines. The extensive menu will keep you fueled up for a long night of socializing with the classic paella for one, two or the table or a selection of tapas to graze on. The boys will also be impressed, with owner Enriko’s display of hot bikes. The Honda Valkyrie 1800 is an absolute beast, the Harley is a classic, and a wild 1200XT Yamaha off roader. Come and enjoy!!

PATRICKS (3/3 Tran Quang Khai St)
Patrick is a great character and a most gracious host in this cozy wine bar tucked away in a quiet street of the tourist hub. Wine bar extraordinaire it is, with over 450 bottles of wine on display by country and region of origin. A great atmosphere with live music every night of the week from 10pm until late, dance, sing, and enjoy the lively atmosphere and spoil yourself with some of the best French cuisine in town, wash down of course with one of the delicious reds from the extensive wine list, said by some to be the largest in Vietnam.

SAILING CLUB (Lot 72 -74 Tran Phu St)
This place is party central in Nha Trang and has been bringing the best DJ’s, bands and beach party’s to the city for many years. Your night out is not complete until you have hit this town’s premier night life venue. Right on the beach, you have comfy lounges spread throughout and the most wonderful cabanas to relax in. Dance the night away to local bands and international DJ’s. The vibe here is hot, with a mix of expats and locals alike enjoying the atmosphere and the views over the bay. Saturday nights the fire dancers will be lighting up the beach and the weekend action heats up and goes through to the small hours of the morning.

HOLE IN THE WALL (72 Nguyen Thien Thuat St)
The new ‘Hole’ is more than a bar and a restaurant, it has evolved into a cruisy sports saloon to hang out with locals and visitors. Catch up on the English Premier league, the Motor GP, F1 races or other international sporting events on the big screen, indulge in the new menu that is catering for all tastes, the freshest seafood, Mexican dishes, pasta, burgers, soups, and you can’t beat a great pizza when you’re out and about late at night. Check out the blackboard for these and other specials plus live music showcasing some of the city’s best blues and jazz artists. This place has a great ‘feel’ and worth a visit.

BOOZE CRUISE (110 Nguyen Thien Thuat)
Booze Cruize is the epitome of a classic sports bar and restaurant. If there is a game on somewhere in the world you will find it here on one of the dozen TV’s or the ultra large screen at the front, featuring the top European, Aussie or US sports action. Live music, and DJ’s keep the tunes coming throughout the night and the fabulous staff enjoy the party as much as the visitors. Late night snacks are looked after with the kitchen staying awake into the wee hours, an extensive menu and limitless drinks options, including the infamous Australian Bundy Rum ensure your night’s entertainment is fun, fun, fun. Cruise in, kick back, enjoy a chilled brew, a bite to eat and all will be good with your world.

LOUISIANE (Lot 29 Tran Phuc St)
This is an easy place to relax during the day, get some sun by the pool, enjoy one or two of their home brewed beers, some light snacks and gear yourself up for the night. Evening transforms this chilled out venue into a fine dining restaurant with your choice of seating being under cover, under the stars, or on the beach with a romantic candlelit table. An extensive menu including fresh seafood, sushi, pizza for the kids, mixed with unspoiled views of the ocean just meters away, live music out by the pool featuring talented artists, both local and from overseas performing a wide range of genres and you have a fabulous night in. If you are in the mood to dance the night away after that romantic dinner, slide on out and make the most of this wonderful venue.

CHEERS (79/2 Nguyen Thien Thuat St)
With a name like this you just have to check it out. A fabulous little sports bar just off the main road in the tourist hub. Like it’s namesake, the hugely successful American sitcom series, there are plenty of local characters here enjoying the easy going atmosphere, catching the latest Premier League from the UK, the cricket, or an international rugby game on one of the three screens. Tuck into a 100% Aussie meat pie as a snack, or select from their ample menu including all the classics, pizza, chicken cordon bleu, spaghetti bolognaise, fish and chips, and burgers, classic fare to keep you running through the night. Wash this down with a chilled beer, a cider, a Johnny Walker or maybe even a Margarita while your flexing your arm at a game of darts. Visitors enjoy this bar and it’s easy to see why.