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As a vacation getaway, Nha Trang has all the bells and whistles people have come to expect from an exotic, coastal destination and knowing where to go alleviates the hassle and stress that comes along with travelling. A resident of Nha Trang for over a decade, Enriko De La Mancha has managed to help in this process and has brought his many interests to life in the form of popular businesses such as restaurants, diving tours and now hotels and apartments all of which help visitors make the most of their stay.

A truly cultured and worldly man, with his original restaurant La Mancha Espanol, Enriko introduced, and continues to bring delicious, savoury flavours from his native Spain to the streets of Nha Trang. Seafood, steaks, sangria, live music, Latin dance nights, and all the energy of a Spanish fiesta are all on display in their utmost beauty and vibrancy. The long time popular spot for locals and tourists has recently expanded to a second restaurant Villa La Mancha on nearby Hung Vuong Street. Villa La Mancha also offers apartments and hotel rooms with the high quality that has come to be associated with the name. The beautiful interior and exterior mosaic designs which have become synonymous with the La Mancha brand brightens up the surroundings and enjoys architectural brilliance which is surely envied by all.

Another passion of Enriko’s is diving and he has been a long time diving instructor since his time in Europe prior to moving to Nha Trang. With his acclaimed Amigos Diving Center on Nguyen Thien Thuat Street, visitors are provided with an exceptional service and experience. Charismatic, highly-trained and certified, multi-lingual professionals help every step of the way providing extensive and essential training exercises before guiding guests into the majestic, calm turquoise waters of the coral depths surrounding Nha Trang. Enjoying the best diving opportunities in Vietnam, Nha Trang enjoys a massive variety of coral and sea life all of which are on display for lucky participants. Diving to the ocean floor and swimming between massive boulders, through sanctuaries for schools of multicoloured fish is truly breathtaking and is a sensation everyone should experience. With Amigos, a whole new underwater world is open to be explored. To sum up the diving experience with Amigos in one word, there is no better description than spectacular.

Enriko is a valuable and contributing member of Nha Trang’s burgeoning business community. His creativity, enterpreneurial spirit, and willingness to take risks and break conventions have brought benefits to the community and added to the experience of countless visitors to Nha Trang. In this world of seemingly ever-growing close-mindedness, those that embrace difference and adventure are the people that bring colour and excitement to this world and spice up life with the same zest that Mediterranean food is famous for.

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Restaurant La Mancha

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