Activities for Kids

Vietnam has long been a destination for tourists hoping to experience something exotic and exciting; something not often found back home. Every year adventurers of all ages flock from around the world to explore the length of this geographically diverse and culturally distinctive South-East Asian country in the hopes of discovery. One important and sometimes overlooked category of such travellers to Vietnam are families. Anyone who has experienced a bustling city in any South-East Asian country can easily imagine the stress and struggle that parents must experience trying to safely navigate their new environment with young children. Nha Trang provides many solutions to these problems. Not only does the city provide ample opportunities to satisfy the various hopes and needs of adult tourist demographics such as parents, but there has been a concerted effort over the years to dramatically increase the activities available for children across the city. As a result Nha Trang, the jewel of Vietnam is by far one of the most family friendly cities in all of South-East Asia.

As a city overlooking the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean, Nha Trang’s many beaches are an easy choice to satisfy a child’s thirst for adventure, providing ample space to run, play and swim under the watchful gaze of parents and professional life guards. Alternatively, the popular beachfront restaurant Louisiane includes a swimming pool which is a safe and enjoyable substitute for small children and provides the opportunity for parents to enjoy delicious food and drinks while their children safely play nearby. For families with older children, island tours run daily and include opportunities to snorkel and scuba dive, producing an opportunity for families to experience the underwater world like never before. Further education and knowledge about this intricate and important world can be provided within the walls of the National Oceanographic Institute. As one of the country’s oldest museums, the institute has accumulated thousands of fascinating varieties of sea life, including live sharks and seals as well as the skeleton of one of the biggest recorded whales in the world, all of which are on display for visitors to observe and ignite their imaginations.

Across the bay from Nha Trang by way of cable car or speed boat lies Vinpearl located on Hon Tre Island, a popular choice for families ever since its opening in 2007 and has since continuously expanded to meet its entertainment needs. With a wide array of activities available, Vinpearl Land includes a world-class water park, exhilarating theme park rides, a classic arcade, a 4-D cinema, a captivating zoo and aquarium and a breathtaking beach with gentle rolling waves overlooking the city of Nha Trang in the distance. A must-see destination for families, Vinpearl alone provides many of the needs to provide a child with an experience they won’t forget, but the options definitely don’t stop here.

In addition to the water-themed and water-oriented activities for children to partake in, there are also numerous in-land venues which provide various and exciting diversions. KidZone on the third floor of Nha Trang Center is always bustling with energy as children run about playing with friends and enjoying the arcade games available. The area also includes a bowling alley which is classic entertainment for the whole family. Many hotels, such as Sheraton on Tran Phu Street provide play areas for children complete with jungle gyms and obstacle courses. Families looking for a relatively relaxing alternative from the exhausting activities detailed above can find sanctuary at Nha Sach Phuong Nam Bookstore on Thai Nguyen Street. The large bookstore includes a cafe and painting area for children to utilize and develop their creativity.

As you can see there is no shortage of activities and memorable experiences for the whole family to enjoy and Nha Trang continues to grow its activities and attractions to keep new and returning visitors of all ages coming back for more for years to come. Experience them for yourself and let us know which your favourites were!

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